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Activate Your Greatness - Alex Toussaint

I enjoyed this book!

I have been very burnt out on the personal development genre, as many books just repeat other books in the category. But this book felt fresh and offered a slightly different take on achievement.

Rather than offer a list of different success strategies, the book tells the story of the author while circling around just a few key points that he feels were key to his success.

I think those points are secondary to the story itself. I enjoyed the story even if there were no points to form a thesis around.

We’ve all heard many rags-to-riches stories, but each one is different and I appreciated the relatability of this one - @alextoussaint25 is close to my age and the struggles he faced were similar to mine.

I recommend this book.

Disclaimer: @henryholtbooks sent me this book to review. I have no obligation to give a good review. I genuinely enjoyed the book.