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AIDS INC. - Jon Rappoport

This book was refreshingly good.

It’s hard to find counter-narrative books that are well presented. Often they are condescending, incomplete, and rambling. But Rappoport was very clear, convincing, and level headed.

I was also impressed that the author had the conviction to bring us very close to a conclusion - without shoving his own view down our throat. Usually, non medical professionals are too timid to assert a strong case, especially about something so controversial. I have a lot of respect for Rappoport in daring to even investigate this subject “without medical credentials”.

In my opinion, Rappoport makes more medical sense than any actual physician I’ve seen write about this. His logic and investigation are both very well utilized.

I know there are some things I would have liked to see in an even deeper dive - Fauci was hardly mentioned, and the bulk of this seems to be written before PCR became the primary diagnostic. Still, there was plenty of information and discussion in here, and it is only because it’s such a huge topic that a few more things could have been included.

So far this is the best book I’ve read on the subject. Everyone should understand this. Fake diseases can be created by bad science, politics, egos, and so on, and it is mandatory to understand how this happens so it can be avoided in future - 2020 proved that this information is not at all common knowledge, and we have been scammed again. It will happen again if we let it.