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Allergies: Disease in Disguise - Carolee Bateson-Koch

This book was great!

A lot of people ask if allergies are reversible, and if their symptoms could possibly be caused by food allergies even if they are not full-blown anaphylactic.

The answer is yes (usually), and yes (definitely).

All the time we see people reverse their allergies and “intolerances” and sensitivities. This book agrees that most of these are caused by nutrient deficiencies, and digestive problems!

We start almost everyone on a digestion protocol these days, because it not only helps them resolve most of these food issues, but also allows them to absorb nutrient supplements better. Many people cannot even tolerate supplements unless we fix the digestion first.

Good news is it is pretty easy to fix digestion, and one of the first results we tend to see is a reduction in allergy symptoms. Full anaphylactic intolerance will take longer to reverse, but all of the minor symptoms can disappear quickly.

There was a lot of great information in this book. I can’t say we agree with every word, but I definitely encourage you to read this book to understand what you can do. And of course you can message us for a free protocol - which you’ll *understand* more if you read this book.

Highly recommend.

I will do a podcast episode deep dive on this book soon, stay tuned - podcast Notus & Friends