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An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer

This book was great!

This book is very long and goes into *almost* all of the alternative treatments and theories about cancer. A lot of the concepts haven’t become popular knowledge until recently, so this book was ahead of its time.

The book missed a few things in my opinion (a few trace minerals like gallium, a lack of emphasis on calcium, didn’t mention hydrogen water, etc.) - but this book is a very good overview of “mainstream alternative” medicine, i.e. the generally agreed alternative practice.

I learned a lot in this book. Several obscure topics were clarified, and I learned about several substances I had never heard of.

Though I wouldn’t call the book completely “definitive”, it is the closest I’ve ever seen.

If you have cancer yourself, this book may be helpful, but it may also be confusing. It is definitely best to work with someone, because there are literally hundreds of options when trying to reverse cancer. But I do recommend this book for anyone in the health business - there are a ton of things in our toolbox that I didn’t even know about until reading this.