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A Natural History of Homosexuality - Francis Mark Mondimore

This book was very interesting!

Today this is an extremely controversial topic, but this book came before the modern controversy (1996) and seemed very impartial.

Most interesting is the history of homosexuality in all periods and places before the Industrial Revolution - apparently our modern way of calling someone “gay” for doing something homosexual was never heard of. A gay act was just that, an act, something one did, not something one IS. This cultural distinction is very important, especially when discussing animal homosexuality.

I read this book to do a deep dive episode on my podcast Notus & Friends, and I am glad that we could include historical context from this book. We also discussed Brain birth defects relating to homosexuality, chemicals relating to homosexuality, animals, social constructs, and more. Very good episode - “Cause of Homosexuality and Transgenderism”.

Both sides of the modern argument use some false theories and false assumptions. This book cleared a lot up for me and I recommend it.

Podcast Episode