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Anorexia Nervosa - Lindsey Hall

In the health business, I often hear critics say that the diet-obsessed are basically the same as anorexics.

I’ve always disagreed with that, and this book definitely makes the differences very clear.

Having said that, I do recognize a lot of pathology around eating, including and maybe especially from those who try to eat the healthiest.

Any eating pathology is a huge problem. It will quickly and definitely impact the body, and the mind can be so consumed with thoughts of food that it can hardly focus on anything else - especially the things that fulfill us, like relationships.

Anyone with any eating disorder can benefit from this book. Other books I have read on this subject have been far too narrow - for instance, attempting the case that most or all eating disorders stem from childhood abuse.

I also think that healthy eaters and fitness freaks should become familiar with the psychology of anorexia, as they are likely to have some or most of the symptoms.

I agreed with the book almost completely and appreciated it’s scope and ability to avoid pinning down specific causes - as with most psychological disorders, there is no one cause.

The only thing I wish was emphasized more was the role of inflammatory foods. A relationship between bowel discomfort caused by things like gluten and dairy were briefly mentioned, but in my experience a lot of anorexia (mostly undiagnosed or misdiagnosed), is actually just stomach pain caused by eating the wrong foods. If food causes pain, some people avoid eating. If they don’t know which specific foods cause the pain, they can abstain from food in general.

If you are struggling, I highly recommend this book, but I also definitely recommend going gluten free, completely and permanently. Gluten is probably the thing causing the discomfort or pain, or weight gain.

Other antagonistic foods are possible. Feel free to message us about foods, and check our gluten-free food account @notusfoods