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Apple Cider Vinegar - Paul & Patricia Bragg

This review may upset some people.

The Braggs seem like wonderful people, and I know they have don a ton of good, getting a LOT of people off of processed foods, and into good habits like exercise and deep breathing.

I also believe that ACV is incredibly good, no arguments there.

But, this book also has patently bad advice, such as consuming “whole grains”, and baked potato skins. The baked potato skin thing is obscure but it is also widely known in the alternative health world that “acrylamide” is toxic - even the government is acknowledging this.

These are not lay authors - they have four doctorate degrees between them. They should know about acrylamide. And, several claims like “studies show/ research PROVES” were not given any citation - no information at all was given about some of these claims. Some claims were sited and some studies were even described, but the ones that weren’t were enough for me to not recommend this book. Again, two doctors with four degrees should at least give you a hint about WHICH STUDY “proved” their point.

I am sure you can get MORE information about ACV with a 20 minute Google session than is found in this book..This book was not good enough.