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Attempt A Cure With Wholistic Medicine - Peter Glidden

I’ve always appreciated Dr. Glidden for his dissecting Dr. Wallach’s message and breaking it down for us.

I also appreciate his beating of the dead horse, hammering in the core components of the message until we finally and fully “get it”.

I don’t know if his books are better than his webinars, both serve the same purpose and it’s probably just up to the viewers preferred method of digesting information.

In the early days I would watch and re watch Glidden’s webinars constantly. He helped me understand all the common health problems and what to do about them. I am deeply in debt to him as a teacher.

This book has a ton of value for anyone learning about the naturopathic explanation and protocol for all the common health problems. It contains specific outlines for each common problem and an important diatribe on ND vs MD approaches.

Glidden gives us an easy to read understanding of the wholistic approach, he gives hard criticism of the medical establishment, and he even makes it funny.

Having said that, this book is self published and riddled with small spelling and punctuation mistakes, mostly probably from auto-corrected typing. 

I am of a strong opinion that an important message should be delivered cleanly as possible. Pedants like me will look at the details and it will take away from the message.

A good writer is not necessarily a good editor. A good practitioner is not necessarily a good writer. A qualified editor makes a book - not the writer. Just as a qualified producer makes the music, not the artist. When it comes to self publishing in general, I do believe the standards should be exactly as high as they are for proper publishing houses.

I would love to promote and sell this book, but I will wait for the second edition when the blemishes are fixed.

Update: I first wrote this review in January 2020, and I do not know if the mistakes have been updated yet. I would appreciate feedback on this if anyone has purchased the book more recently [email protected]