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Authentic Happiness - Martin Seligman

I really enjoyed this book.

Seligman is always refreshing because he focuses on enhancing positivity, rather than focusing on “mental illness”.

I’m not going to summarize his whole anti-modern-psychiatry stance, but it definitely made a ton of sense to me. We see a similar problem in the health business: mainstream only studies disease, and as a result tends to have no idea what promotes health.

This book is over 20 years old, and unfortunately the mainstream world has gone much further in the opposite direction the book proposes. Nowadays, ideas of what constitutes happiness are so far from reality that actual illness (mental AND physical) is being promoted as healthy.

This information is as important as ever - there are well documented methods to improve happiness, and they are often the opposite of modern ways of living and thinking.

Seligman is a great writer, making a complex subject very easy. I assume anyone with a 6th grade reading level could fully understand this book. This is rare in psychology.

Highly recommend.