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The Autoimmune Epidemic - Donna Nakazawa

This book has a lot of problems, but I cannot really blame the author.

As a patient, not a practitioner, the author can only be as good as the information she’s working with, and in the case of Mainstream Medicine, “autoimmunity” is a mess of a theory and a mess of a practice.

So this book was bound to be confusing. The first two thirds were mostly about chemical exposure and research about it. It states that most of the medical community agrees that chemicals are the main problem. I agreed with some of their points, but then nutrition was finally mentioned near the end, and that short section seemed much more promising, to my eye and probably a lay eye as well. There is actually hopeful research in nutrition, which conflicts with the “near unanimous agreement” that chemicals are the real problem.

Chemicals ARE a problem. But by the data presented in this book, and my opinion, nutrition is more important.

Any non-practitioner writing about health is going to have the same limitations, and if they can only recommend mainstream “treatment” then they’re going to be stuck with terrible results.

Not worth your time, whether you know nothing about health or a lot.