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A Wonderful Life - Frank Martela

I bought this book at a dollar store, and I think I got a great deal.

It is full of wisdom, and doesn’t linger too long on any of it. Perfectly paced.

The author did a lot of research for this, and he included pretty much all of the most important parts of my other favorite books on life and happiness. It is recent (2020), and it is up to date.

Why being recent matters is because for a while life books got fairly unrealistic in my opinion. But this book is very grounded and understands that happiness is only one small part of life - if it is the goal itself, we will likely be disappointed, and I recommend reading it to really understand why.

One thing I did not like is that it is speaking as if the reader believes the mechanistic, scientific and atheistic view of the world, which I do not. The modern existential crisis that he devoted a fair bit of time to doesn’t apply to people who already believe that the world has a purpose. But, since most nonfiction readers probably do believe in the mechanical pointless world, this book could help a lot of people.

I read these happiness books for a long time because I was miserable. Now that I am safely out of depression it is a bit weird to read these, but I still found a lot of value here that I haven’t seen before.

It’s not written like a self help book and was very enjoyable.

I’m almost prepared to give it extra points because the book itself is beautiful), and very aesthetically pleasing to read.

This book is worth your time and if you see it at a Dollar Tree, it’s a fantastic deal. I recommend.