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Beating Alzheimer's - Tom Warren

This book was very interesting, because it was written by a man who *had* Alzheimer’s, and no longer does.

Warren is PROOF that it is possible to reverse this dementia. Hearing him describe the dementia first hand, and also describe the recovery, would have been good enough as a book by itself. But Warren did a lot of homework in order to try to give us a system for reversing Alzheimer’s, and back it up..I think he did a really great job. Definitely more effort and respect for the audience than I am used to in the health genre.

I’m somewhat spoiling it, but I’ll tell you that he credits removing his teeth amalgam fillings as the primary reason for his recovery. He also discusses his chemical sensitivity, which he believes was CAUSED by the mercury exposure. This is a fairly obscure topic in the health world and I think I understand it better because of him..I have downplayed chemical sensitivity in the past, and I didn’t realize that one problem (amalgams), could cause other problems (extreme sensitivity) even AFTER the first problem was removed.

Warren also knows more about nutrients than most doctors, and did his best to recommend a good regiment. I don’t agree with all of the recommendations but he is also very open about not being an expert, and sharing as much as he can.

I appreciated Warren’s words about WHY he has gone through such effort and expense to save his own life. I appreciated his openness about dealing with suicidal thoughts during his illness and recovery. He has a lot of wisdom for anyone going through traumatic, life-threatening health issues.

I definitely recommend this book.