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The Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton

Several people recommended this book, and I was not at all disappointed, but I am not going to give it a glowing 10/10 review.

Lipton is considered one of the fathers of “epigenetics”, which is the environmental influences on gene expression.

I am in the “alternative” health business, and this is exactly what we practice - we do not blame your genes; we deal with nutrition, stress, EMF, and so on.

It is nice to read books that agree with us, because they are definitely the minority of health books.

I enjoyed the depth in this book, I learned a lot of new stuff, and I do recommend it to people who are already at least partially on board with the idea that your health and your life are in your control.

My only problem is that I don’t think it will convince people who believe in the mainstream medical model. I am already convinced of epigenetics, but I know that most of our ideas are not at all taken seriously by believers in modern medicine.

I could be wrong about this. Maybe some of the hard science Lipton presents will be convincing, but I know how hard it is to convince people of alternative ideas - mostly, they have to come to the alt party willingly, and I have found very few books that are completely accessible to those on the other side.

Lipton humanizes the story very well. I’m sure any reader would trust him, as he tells not only what he knows, but HOW he came to know and believe these things.

Short books are very much in fashion these days, and this is not a short book. I appreciate the detail but, it definitely dances around the main points quite a bit, without, in my opinion, hammering them home strongly enough.

Again this isn’t a bad review. I thought it was great, but I didn’t need convincing. And for a quite technical topic, Lipton did an excellent job of explaining it. I just wish I could recommend it to the skeptics as well.

Strong 9/10.