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Bodypower - Vernon Coleman

In the “alternative” health business, we take it for granted that “the body can heal itself”.


It might be surprising to learn that this idea is blasphemy in the regular medical world.



I don’t really recommend this book for a thorough understanding of the body. And I also don’t really think it would convince a non believer.

Also, Coleman is still very obviously an MD, and recommends several over the counter “treatments” for common problems, whereas we would recommend a nutrition protocol.

Coleman seems to be so deep into the idea that we can heal ourselves, that he does discount the many things we can do to “support and promote maintenance and repair” of our bodies.

It wasn’t a bad book. And he does go into detail about many things that are worth knowing.

But it’s hard to recommend this book. I don’t know who would REALLY benefit from it. Those who already know the body can heal won’t learn anything new here, and I feel there’s more to be said to convince a non believer.

I think a better book that would do more convincing is The MD Emperor Wears No Clothes by Dr Glidden.

I still like Coleman and appreciate his writing. I like the matter-of-fact and no-nonsense style of his attitude. But my problem is when there is more to the facts than is in the book.