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Bounce - Matthew Syed

I enjoyed this book a lot.

This subject (science of success) has other great books (Outliers - Gladwell; Mastery - Greene; etc), and though this one repeats some of those points, I still think this book is valuable. This is a subject that requires more than one book to really internalize.

This topic has been quite popular in the book world for decades, but the regular world still hasn’t caught on - TV still talks about “innate” talent, or talent being in someone’s genes. This book thoroughly dismantles that idea.

The idea that hard work is the backbone of talent is not new, but is still not popular. This book is mostly focused on sports, which the other success books did not devote to so thoroughly, and I think that focus is what justifies its existence, and makes it really worth reading - if ANY talent can be thoughtfully argued to be genetic, it’s athletics, but this book pulls that apart.

I thought the book ended rather abruptly without a satisfying conclusion, but I also really appreciated the final chapter which tackled the highly controversial “black people are naturally better runners” hypothesis.

Very enjoyable and easy to read and I highly recommend it.