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The Brain That Changes Itself - Norman Doidge

People always ask us in the health business if brains can heal from injuries and disease.

I don’t know why the idea of brain healing is still so controversial, as this is not an “alternative” concept.

Doidge is an excellent writer and this easy-to-understand book goes into great detail about the many cases of extraordinary brain healing, changing, and “rewiring”.

Neuroscience can be difficult and unpleasant to read, but Doidge didn’t weigh us down with unnecessary complications. He makes it simple enough for a lay person while retaining enough detail for serious study.

Plasticity is about more than healing, it is also about learning. For a long time it was thought that our brains didn’t change much after the initial development period - this book destroys that hypothesis.

This book goes deep into human existence itself. We are not stuck at any point in our lives, and in fact we can improve our mental capacities right until the end.

This book is VERY good, and worth reading.