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Chasing The Cure - William Bengston

I really enjoyed this book.

It’s about energy healing, but is adamant that this is not “faith” healing, requiring no faith from the healer or the one being healed.

The book basically tells the life story of the author, who claims to have healed many people from cancers and more. The writing is restrained, I felt the author really didn’t want to sound boastful or anti scientific.

The author participated in several mouse healing experiments, and I enjoyed the thorough-enough tale, without too much details and no statistics. It remained very readable and easy to follow and understand, with almost no technical language.

Books like this often give way too much detail in the biography, and way too many numbers and conjecture, but this book kept very much to the point of the story, and there was only a bit of speculation to explain the results.

Overall it was a very well balanced book in my opinion. This topic is very much on the fringe of science, and though I haven’t read a ton in this subject, it is hard to find a book in this genre that is so down to earth.

Authors in this subject tend to be understandably defensive, but this really was a breath of fresh air.

Definitely recommend.