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Cheap: The High Cost Of Discount Culture - Ellen Ruppel Shell

I was pleasantly surprised by this book.

I was expecting a Silent Spring-esque tome on consumerism (there are many already and I still feel the need to read them for some reason).

In fact, there is a version of Silent Spring for every section of the economy, layering our guilt for contributing to any industry.

But this book was very reasonable. Only very slightly and appropriately preachy, very readable, long enough to contain a lot of value and a lot of new information even though I’m familiar with the consumerist genre. She had a clear point to make and I feel she made it solidly. And there wasn’t unnecessary or personal details which I appreciate immensely. 

I really enjoy consumerist psychology, I think it helps us navigate this consumerist world with much less damage and guilt and regret etc., when we are aware of the tricks and lies and deliberate confusion aimed at us to influence our choices. As usual, awareness is a first and critical step.

I do recommend this book. We are the market. Our ignorance is the only reason the market exists as it does. We can change our purchasing behavior and change the market in the process.

This is important because it is my firm belief that the market is the only entity capable of changing the world for the better - it’s DEFINITELY not going to be the government.