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Cheating Death - Sanjay Gupta

I really enjoyed this book.

In the nutrition business, we often dismiss “mainstream medicine”, but there really are some very interesting things being discovered in the mainstream, particularly when it comes to life-saving emergency care (which we in nutrition do not really deal with at all).

My mentor Dr. Joel Wallach often uses articles about people waking up in the autopsy freezer and such in his presentations. He will say something like “doctors go to school for all these years and can’t even tell if you’re dead or not”. Well this book brings a whole new perspective to such stories, and I’ve never looked at death the same since reading it.

Honestly I wouldn’t normally buy a book like this. Gupta’s affiliation with mainstream media AND medicine is a double strike for me. But, I was at a foreign hostel many years ago and this was one of the only English books there, and it blew me away back then, before I knew anything about health.

Reading it again a decade or so later, it’s still interesting, and though a lot of it was revolutionary at the time, it’s becoming more widespread in practice, yet the average person doesn’t know about it. (I was trained in the “new” CRP that was revolutionary when this book was written, but standard now).

Much of my audience will not appreciate the section that dismisses out of body and near death experiences, but I don’t expect anything else from someone so entrenched in the mainstream.

Despite Gupta working for “the enemy” (CNN), there really doesn’t seem to be any other agenda in this book. The stories and research he shares here are legit as far as I can tell, and very well written, easy to read for a lay person or a medical person, and I do recommend this book.