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The Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy Survival Guide

This book was unbelievably bad.

I can’t blame the authors for this. They tried hard, seemed to have good intentions, and brought in MD and dietician guests for certain chapters.

Unfortunately, those professional guests were completely incompetent. This book has nothing but bad advice. The absolute best this book offers is just a little bit of comfort while you are being poisoned, cut, or burned by cancer treatments.

The most disgraceful part of this book is it didn’t even mention ANY risk to cancer treatment. They talk plenty about “coping” or “accepting” the side effects, but there was not a single word about actual risks of treatment vs no treatment, or any alternatives.

This book actually makes it sound like chemo and radiation are sensible treatments. They actually sound like good ideas, BECAUSE none of the risks are alternatives were presented.

This is possibly the worst cancer book I’ve ever read. Usually even mainstream doctors and nurses are competent enough to offer a more balanced overview of cancer treatments.

I have a few positive things to say about the obvious empathy for the patients, really trying to offer some methods of comfort. But being comforted while being brutalized is hardly palliative to me.

I have more to say about this book that can’t fit here. Make sure to follow my YouTube channel TheRealNotus for my monthly reviews. 

Two thumbs down, zero out of ten, this book is HARMFUL.

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