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Chlorella - Mark Drucker

Chlorella is something we alternative people don’t talk enough about.

This book provides a lot of entry level research and understanding to this important algae. But, it is very short and I would have liked more depth, particularly about the studies referenced. There was plenty of space to do so.

This book isn’t going to blow your mind, but if you’re already into health then you should know a bit more about chlorella. I often mention chlorella as part of an “extended protocol” for serious health cases, but I rarely go into any detail, as there are other bases to cover.

That’s where I think books like this fail hard. Chlorella is fantastic, but we could have been given at least some other basic principles to health in this book. You can’t just take chlorella and eat whatever you want and be healthy, but that was not made clear.

Chlorella is coincidentally one of the cheapest superfood supplements available. It is in some of our popular products and it is one reason why we get good results. Boosting it further is very affordable, beneficial, and highly recommended for serious cases. Healthy people can also take it.

Recommended with a grain of salt.