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Close Deals Faster - John Asher

This book started out with some solid basic sales tips. But it quickly became burdened with the same problem as many sales books: too many rules.

Too many lists of things to remember about yourself and your prospects. Worse, this book goes off what is to me “the deep end” when it starts talking about “neuro linguistic programming”.

There were already too many lists to remember before it got to the point of asking me to analyze my own personality and that of my prospects, and potentially adapt, or “mirror” the traits of them.

Not only is this complicated, confusing, and requires acting, but I believe it takes away from the whole point of sales: solving some problem.

It is quite easy to simply market solution-based information, or listen to a problem and recommend one or more solutions. We don’t need to study psychology or adapt the way we speak to someone’s personality, which you have presumably analyzed while they were talking, taking you away from hearing their problem.

Sales can be simple, but I don’t know which industry would benefit from the advice in this book, so I don’t recommend it.