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Coffee Is Bad/Good For You - Robert Davis

This is essentially a non-book, since it’s filled with non-information.

Not DIS-information, just non information.

This genre of health journalism take the skepticism too far, and apparently there is really no evidence to say anything at all about which health choices you should make.

It ends up promoting exactly what the FDA would say, which is also not much. So we are supposed to not really change anything with any confidence, because we are going to end up in the same place regardless of what we eat or do.

Of course if the official channels of research and regulations knew how to solve the health challenges we face, we wouldn’t be facing them.

So we end up with no advice...These health journalists tend to distract the emptiness of their non-recommendations with jokes and sarcasm. I don’t think it’s funny. Some people buy books like this looking for answers, looking for help making sense of all the information out there.

I spent a dollar on this book. It wasn’t worth it.