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Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements - Marie-France Muller

This book was really detailed, but not so much that it is unreadable.

This is definitely not for beginners. It discussed both nutritional minerals and also stones and waters, with interesting insights as to why they may promote healing.

I also like that this book was written originally in French, so there is a lot of information that I don’t find in English nutrition books.

This author also seems to be fully on board with Dr. Wallach’s message of the importance of the 90 essential nutrients (she even raises the number beyond 100). She credited him in the book and I appreciate that because many authors use his phrases and data without sourcing him.

Having said all of this, I actually wish the book was longer and MORE detailed - because much of it was so interesting, I wanted a deeper dive into it.

I recommend this book for serious nutrition researchers. I’ll have to read it again because it was so dense that a lot went over my head.