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Covid-19 and the Global Predators

This book was alright.

It is a very important subject, but it was a bit too long and repetitive. I understand the urgency of the message, and the need to hammer it in, but it became a tedious read.

The book is worth reading. Most of us here I am sure already believe the pandemic was a scam, but there are many details in this book that most of us wouldn’t know. I believe the “predators” will absolutely attempt another pandemic, and we need books like this to get everyone up to speed so we can take action to avoid another episode of tyranny.

It’s not a bad book at all. It’s a bad subject. It’s hard to be excited about reading into such monumental corruption. Even though it wasn’t fun to read, we should all be spreading this and other books on this subject, or we will fall for the next predatory exercise.

The good news is that this level of malevolence is so egregious that anyone aware of it will have little choice but to rebel. This book has a great balance of condemnation WITHOUT talking down to the audience - extremely refreshing in the “conspiracy” genre.

Since the author is a decorated medical authority, the conspiracy talk appears much more legitimate than other books, and I think this book would be effective in convincing a lay person that the pandemic was a planned operation.