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Cross Currents - Robert Becker

This book was really good.

I have criticized Becker for being too technical in his previous book The Body Electric. Even for those of us who like details, it lacked a coherent narrative. But this book is much better.

You do not have to understand The Body Electric to understand this book, and in my opinion this book covers the gist of The Body Electric anyway.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but this book covers a lot about EMF, from a biological standpoint as well as technological. This may be the best book so far on this subject that blends the technical aspects with the plain English empirical conclusions.

I have said that my favorite book on this subject overall is The Invisible Rainbow by Firstenberg, but Cross Currents goes deeper into the biochemical effects and makes more confident assertions about the data than Firstenberg.

The Invisible Rainbow is still a must read. But for anyone interested in the subject of EMF, AND is thirsty for details and informed speculation, then this book should be on your list.