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Crushing It! - Gary Vaynerchuk

When thinking about this review I didn’t want to come across as too fanboy about Gary Vee.

Honestly though, when I first started on social media I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and other than the basic opinions from the people around me, I learned everything I know about social from Gary.

Behind the scenes we refer to “Gary” by the first name, as if we know him - that’s how important of a mentor this man has been to those of us operating businesses in the modern world.

Now to this actual book - I noticed my business life improve MASSIVELY after reading one of Gary’s other books (the Thank You Economy), and I had already seen improvements in my business when I was only partially done reading Crushing It!

Not only is Gary I think the most important guru in the subjects he covers, but this book specifically is very obviously THE most valuable book for the modern entrepreneur.

I believe someone could read ONLY this book, and they would have everything they need for a successful entrepreneurial career.

This book is now my number one recommendation for everyone with ambition.

Just like business and sales skills - which I think behooves everyone to learn - I think learning the social/media environment from a business perspective is imperative to everyone trying to operate in the modern world, even merely as a civilian.

I will likely continue gushing about this book for quite a while - the bar has been raised!

10/10. This book over-delivered on everything it was supposed to.

I actually recommend everyone read this book, and become familiar with Gary's message. People who work for a living can benefit by creating a side hustle online, and people who are already successful can become even more successful by increasing their reach online. From what I gather, the primary reason people don't try to increase their incomes online is because they don't understand it - this book should fix that.