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Deadly Medicines And Organised Crime - Peter Gotzsche

This is a very serious subject that usually requires quite a lot of evidence for the average person to take a solid look at.

Fortunately, this book has been written to provide - in excruciating detail - everything one would need to convince themselves of a true criminal nature of an industry.

Usually, in the “alternative” health industry, we bat around two basic, easy facts: all drugs cause harm; no drugs are designed to cure anything other than infections.

Those are huge statements, but despite their objectivity, they are not effective in really dismantling the medical myths pervasive in our culture.

This book is necessary, powerful, and I recommend it to anyone with a hint of doubt that something might be not quite right with our medical system.

Few authors are as qualified as Gøtzsche to give this condemning account. He is not completely anti-doctor, and his book is full of recommendations for individuals and institutions that are designed purely to benefit patients (people).