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Death By Diet - Robert Barefoot

I was extremely disappointed with this book.

I had just read Barefoot’s previous The Calcium Factor, to which I gave a good review. But this book is about 75% copy/paste from The Calcium Factor, by my estimation.

In my opinion, the little bit that was added should have just been added to a second edition of The Calcium Factor, and this feels like a really lame way to rip off your audience, making them pay for essentially the same book twice.

When reviewing The Calcium Factor, I didn’t mention that it was quite repetitive. Whole sentences and paragraphs were repeated, sometimes more than once.

I forgave the repetition in The Calcium Factor because it had a lot of great detail, but this book REMOVED the best parts of that detail, and really didn’t add much of substance, but was definitely even more repetitive.

Honestly, if I hadn’t read The Calcium Factor first, I’d still give this one a bad review. It was sloppy and lacked the important details. People who already understand that mainstream medicine isn’t great will probably get nothing out of this book, and people who DON’T understand that weren’t given enough clear explanations to change their minds.

Do not recommend.