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Death Object - Akio Nakatani

This is one of the best conspiracy books I have read.

The bar isn’t set very high for the conspiracy genre, but this author is remarkably clear and level headed compared to most conspiracy authors.

This book was very concise, not wasting much time on anything, but, I would have enjoyed more detail.

It’s not a huge book, and the author clearly did a lot of research, but left a lot of points out. The points focused on are very good in my opinion, not really covered elsewhere and not immediately obvious to those, like myself, who have read the standard nuclear histories deeply.

I think this book does a good enough job of stating the standard story before refuting it, but this also could have been detailed further. I assume that someone NOT familiar with nuclear history would still understand Nakatani’s rebuttal, and those familiar would have a hard time arguing against the case made here.

Even though I think the book is generally sufficient, much more could have been included. This topic is extremely controversial, and I’m not sure any amount of evidence will convince the skeptics, but this author was well qualified to give us a bit more to work with, rather than just the biggest points of refutation - a dozen or so smaller points would have greatly fortified the thesis here.

It was good and that’s why I wanted more. Either way it’s worth reading, for those who already don’t believe in nuclear weapons and those who do.

PS I’ve got one video and one podcast recording talking more about the nuclear hoax. If you’d like the links just message me.