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Dirty Electricity - Samuel Milham

This short book was quite good.

A lot of books and studies focus on certain frequencies, but Milham focuses on the messy “dirty electricity”, especially those in the “extremely low frequency - ELF range”.

Milham spent most of his career in “epidemiology” (population studies), looking for patterns of disease causation. Much of the book was about his early career and the clues that led him towards electricity.

Milham was involved in a few cases that have become somewhat “high profile” in the EMF world, especially the La Quinta Middle School case.

Though the book is short, I didn’t find it lacking. I enjoyed it all the way through and could understand it completely. Milham suspects that dirty electricity is the cause of many serious diseases, including cancer clusters, but he doesn’t labor the point or sound like a doomsday theorist, which many other authors do.

Overall it was well written and is an important part of the study of electricity and disease. Those who are new to the subject should probably start with The Invisible Rainbow by Firstenberg, but also put this one on the list.