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Earthing - Clinton Ober

This book was fantastic!

For such a simple concept (making contact with the Earth), there is quite a lot to say about it, evidently.

For years I have promoted anything that reduces the harm of electromagnetic frequencies, but I have failed to emphasize one of the simplest, most powerful reduction methods - earthing.

I also misunderstood earthing mats that plug into wall outlets (utilizing the ground wire), and this book clarified that for me. I wasn’t sure if these mats were a good idea, but I just purchased one because of this book and am looking forward to the benefit.

I didn’t think of a lot of things that this book made clear - for example, my house is raised on stilts and is made of wood, so it is not grounded. I imagine that almost everyone could benefit from the information and strategies in this book - the only people who wouldn’t benefit are those who already ground themselves constantly.

In the health business we always have a handful of difficult cases, and almost always EMF has something to do with it. But this book expanded my thoughts much further - even WITHOUT EMF, being ungrounded is likely a massive contributor to poor health (physical AND mental).

Many health ideas have spread far and wide in recent decades, and this needs to be one of them. As we see gluten free and other health foods even in remote towns, we also need to see earthing spaces and technologies in our homes, stores, schools, workplaces, etc.

I would love to go on and on about this, but there isn’t space, instead I highly recommend that EVERYONE read this book.