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Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking 

When I first wrote this review some years ago, I had used this book to quit smoking myself.

Unfortunately, a couple of years after that, I willingly picked it up again.

However, note the word 'willingly'. After reading Carr's book, I can no longer make the same excuses I once did about smoking. You cannot forget Carr's words. I was and am still forced to think about smoking in the stark way he presents.

Over the years in the health business, I have run into numerous people who really did quit for good after reading this book. In fact, some of them only read part of it and were done. So I consider this the most successful quitting method that I am aware of. 

I do think every smoker should read this book, whether they intend to quit or not. There are many twisted and untrue excuses we tell ourselves about smoking, and at the very least we must learn to be honest about the real reasons why we smoke. 

This psychology applies to other addictions as well. I highly recommend this book.