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Eat Right For Your Type - Peter D'Adamo

This book was very interesting.

I was trained in nutrition by people who don’t really believe that blood types are important. But for several years I’ve been asking people their blood type when we ask our other health questions.

My database is not good, because most people don’t know their type. But, from my cursory accounts, the blood type diets can indeed matter a lot.

Without going into detail, I know that at least a few of the suggestions D’Adamo makes are definitely game changers.

D’Adamo is the primary source for the blood type diet. Everything else I’ve read about it references him, so if you are interested in the subject, definitely start here.

I don’t think D’Adamo has it all figured out, and I have strong disagreements with some things he said in this book, but I think he’s onto something and more of us should be involved in ironing out the details.

There are many people who haven’t gotten full results with any other program, including ours. I have given blood type diet advice to several difficult cases in the past and seen it work like a charm, and I recommend any difficult case to try the blood type diet, along with our other standard advice.

Highly recommend.