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Einstein: The Life and Times - Ronald Clark

I feel like this books gives us the legend of Einstein, rather than the actual human behind the work he did. 

The author definitely tried to humanize him, but the human parts of Einstein's story don't give an author much to work with. 

From this account, and others, Einstein's life was very boring. Aside from the work he did, his personal life, his emotional life, and his social life appear to be as hollow as can be. I am not sure how much of this is true and how much is lost to history. Maybe Einstein was an interesting person, or had anything interesting in his life beyond his work, but I doubt it. Either all of the biographies about him are off, or the character of Einstein is barely able to form a story that one could read without falling asleep.

Even the conspiracies about Einstein are boring, though none of that is covered in this book. I would have loved to see this book give some human form to Einstein. There was mention of flaws and such, but hardly the type of conflict or depth that makes an interesting character or an interesting story. 

When you take Einstein away from his work, in my opinion there is nothing to intrigue or respect. 

I have a feeling that Einstein was in on more than we are led to believe, and perhaps his sterile biographies reflect something hidden. I don't know, but I wouldn't read this book unless you want something to help you fall asleep.