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Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman

I really enjoyed this book when I read it many years ago.

Since then I’ve read many books on this subject, and this is still one of the best, if not the best book making the case that emotional intelligence is supremely important in overall intelligence.

This information can help us in our personal lives, and in raising a more emotionally intelligent next generation. The book makes an excellent case as to why emotions are supremely important to what we call "intelligence" - it seems that intelligence as we know it does not really exist without emotions.

Though this wasn’t mentioned at all, I find this whole subject interesting because to me, it proves why technology will never be actually “smart” - emotion is a backbone of all intelligence. Given this, it would be smart for us to hold back on implementing “smart” technology in every facet of our society, because this technology can never be as smart as a dumb human.

Years ago I took a bunch of notes in this book, and reading it again now nearly every page is marked. There is a lot here for people who are new to this subject, AND those who are familiar.

I highly recommend this book, both for personal development and intellectual curiosity.