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Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21 - Vernon Coleman

Very few people have been willing to talk seriously about where the “new normal” is actually taking us.

None of this is actually new. It was planned and documented for decades, and us conspiracy people have been talking about it forever.

Now it’s reality. Almost all of our human rights and dignities are already gone, and the rest are ready to be removed.

This probably is our last chance. We either fight back, throw the tyrants out of politics, and take our world back, or we lose everything, probably very quickly.

I don’t recommend you buy this book. I BEG you to buy ten copies and ensure they are read.

We must push back quickly and in large numbers or everything we value will be gone forever.

Agenda 21 sounded lunatic a couple of years ago, but the world outlined in this book is the world we are currently experiencing.

This book is modern (April 2021), and goes through the history of this planned takeover.

The predictions offered are terrifying but utterly realistic.

Please do everything you can to get this information out. We don’t have time to be shy about sounding crazy anymore.