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Endometriosis - Dian Shepperson Mills

This book was pretty good.

I often fault books on complex diseases for being too short or simplified. If anything, my main criticism of this book would be TOO MUCH information, which isn’t really a bad thing.

There was quite a bit of repetition that I think could have been edited out, or segments combined, but it really wasn’t tedious. Some things need to be hammered in.

There was good solid emphasis on key nutrient deficiencies involved in endometriosis, but I always am disappointed to see a handful of nutrients highlighted rather than ALL the essential nutrients being recommended.

The explanation of the disease itself was quite good, though maybe a bit too technical for the lay readers.

Every book on endo will talk about stress (endo is commonly referred to as a “working woman’s disease”), but I was happy that this book didn’t dwell on “coping” with the disease, as so many books do - (we want to fix the problem, not cope with it).

Overall it was probably the best endo book I’ve read so far, but it wasn’t perfect. I agreed with almost all their recommendations and explanations. They took a broad view and covered almost everything. It is very possible that most endo patients can reverse it with this book alone - but, many cases will just need more nutrients and higher doses than recommended here.

I do recommend this book, but I’m still looking for a better one - same info, shorter and more accessible, with a more complete nutrient recommendation.

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