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Enzyme Nutrition - Edward Howell

This book was quite good!

Enzymes are often mentioned very briefly in health books, but I definitely learned a lot from the depth in this book.

One of the main reason so many people promote “raw” foods, is because enzymes are destroyed by cooking. Enzymes are the things we need to digest the other components of food - proteins, carbs, fats, etc.

We talk a lot about nutrient deficiency, but not many people go into any decent length about enzymes, so I think this book would help a lot of people have a more complete understanding of nutrition.

I recommend this book, but I don’t agree fully. We humans have achieved incredible longevity (far beyond any comparable species), using many “unnatural” methods, including cooking.

I use supplemental enzymes before meals, and since this book I have been more consistent with that. I think we do need to eat more raw foods, and we also need supplemental enzymes for our cooked foods. There are pros and cons to everything - cooking kills most parasites, though it destroys many nutrients. We need to meet somewhere in the middle on this raw vs cooked point, and since I don’t see much balanced debate on the subject, more people should read this book.