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Fat For Fuel - Joseph Mercola

Mixed feelings about this book.

This book is about a high fat diet, and I have seen this work wonders for a few people, but not for most. I’m sure most of them did not do it exactly as Mercola recommends, but that is precisely my biggest problem with this diet - it’s difficult to do “properly”, even I failed it.

There are many caveats to this diet, so it is hard for me to stand behind it. But, I do think he’s onto a few important things. Probably the biggest breakthrough idea in this book is that protein is overrated.

A few years ago I cut my protein recommendations in half, because of a lot of evidence and solid theory that we are overdoing protein and underusing fats. I still recommend some people lower their protein, especially when they fail to see results. A lot of people get off junk food and switch to a super high protein keto or carnivore regimen, and it doesn’t work. Mercola covers this at length..The other interesting idea that I’ve only seen touched on elsewhere is excess iron. Mineral DEFICIENCY is a huge problem in our food supply, but iron excess is actually very common. I don’t want to spoil the book but I found this segment very compelling.

I usually agree with most of what Mercola says, but I scratch my head at a few things. For example, twice he said in this book that antioxidants may feed cancer. I don’t believe this and he did not adequately justify this extreme statement.

Overall, Mercola is always easy to read, striking a good balance between details and a lay explanation. I don’t agree with everything but that’s normal in health books. I enjoyed this book and learned some things and questioned some of my beliefs, and I think that makes it a solid read that I can recommend.

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