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Fibroid Tumors & Endometriosis - Susan Lark

This book was not very good.

I was happy that many nutrients were encouraged, and processed foods were strongly discouraged, but unfortunately the advice fell far short for me.

Fibroids and endo are systemic problems, meaning a lot is going on in the body. A handful of nutrients at government-approved doses are far inadequate. Much high doses than the RDAs are required to heal systemic problems. And though I agree with eliminating processed foods, I disagreed with most of the actual food advice (ie, low salt, low fat, whole grains).

The book wasted a ton of space with huge empty margins, many pages of stretches illustrations, empty pages for notes, etc. it was a very short book..Definitely not good enough to fully reverse these problems, and the author still abides by most MD dogma about dose restrictions and food advice and pharmaceutical drugs.

Do not recommend.