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Flat Earth: The History Of An Infamous Idea - Christine Garwood

I feel like there was an adequate amount of detail to tell the story, but I couldn’t help but feel throughout the entire reading that this book belongs to a large dusty category on my shelf of books that were written for the sake of wiring a book.

I am dubious of the intention of this book most especially because the author does not take it very seriously.

Some might argue that it is not a serious subject, but 1. I have been hearing more and more about it over the last three years, and 2. If it is not serious, then don’t write a book about it, and don’t waste the time of serious readers.

If a book is a joke it has no business being in the range of 500 pages.

I don’t think this subject is a joke, but I do this this book is.

Do not recommend.