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Fluoride: The Aging Factor - John Yiamouyannis

This book was VERY good.

A lot of people “know” that fluoride is bad, but most don’t really know the details. This book is an excellent overview of the history of fluoride use and the mountain of research showing that it is harmful in numerous ways.

The introduction of fluoride to drinking water was an actual conspiracy from the beginning. It is one of the most egregious stories in all of medicine, and it is still being covered up today. Even if fluoride were completely removed from our society today, the story is still very interesting and a cautionary tale that we shouldn’t let happen again.

Fluoride has never been shown to be beneficial in any way, and this book makes it clear. Medical and dental authorities, and politicians, still claim the opposite of the truth about fluoride, so the battle to remove fluoride from public drinking water and commercial food is still ongoing.

On my mandatory reading list I have another book on this subject (The Case Against Fluoride by P. Connett), and I think this book could be read instead. They are very similar books, covering the same basic ground and written in the same tone of righteous indignation.