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The Food & Drink Police - James Bennett

This book was pretty good!

It was easy to read and quite funny - even though many of the jokes are outdated.

The book offers a great takedown of the nanny ideologues who seek to ban the foods they dislike and force us civilians into their perfect “healthy” image. This “regulation” has been a big problem for a long time, but it really came to the public’s attention in 2020 - the same tactics of this book are being used today for much more dramatic “regulations” than simply banning supposedly unhealthy foods. The nannies now want forced medication and have shown that they are willing to shut down the world economy and remove all of our rights “for our own good”.

Since it is a very serious topic that makes me angry to read, I really appreciated the humor in this book - it mocks the nanny’s but does not take the place of facts and logic that the book uses quite well.

I recommend this book. Everyone must understand that if we do not retain our rights to choose what we put into our bodies (or don’t), then governments and other assorted Nannie’s will attempt to force us to eat or not eat what THEY deem is appropriate. These Nannie’s can be outright wrong, or they can be serving undisclosed interests.

Science can be wrong; governments can definitely be wrong, and emotional puritanical lobbyists can stand behind “regulatory” policies that blatantly oppose individual freedom.