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Foods That Fight Cancer 

This book was surprisingly good!

Since the government of Canada paid for this book I was very skeptical. I didn’t care for the introductory explanation of cancer, but I enjoyed the rundown on several foods with anti cancer properties.

I think this book made a great point that many cancer diets focus only on eliminating the foods that PROVOKE cancer, rather than focusing on foods that inhibit tumor growth and tumor vessel formation etc. I too am guilty of focusing too much on eliminating the problem foods.

This book has me re examining several foods that I had neglected, and the book has me wanting to add more of these foods into my life.

The book isn’t that big or detailed. It’s made for a general audience and I think it has enough for me to give it a thumbs up, but I am definitely craving some more details and references that probably would have been in there if this were written towards serious readers rather than the lay public. My complaints are pretty minor and I think they did a great job overall.