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Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology - David Graeber

Graeber is one of my all time favorite authors and thinkers.

I recommend all of his books, but this one probably isn’t the best starting point. This book is very short, more like a pamphlet, but it is loaded with concepts that he has elaborated on elsewhere.

Graeber is not very easy to read. His writing is extremely dense and I know that I’ll have to read each one at least two or three times to really understand it. His sentences tend to run very long and contain multiple points and ideas.

But, he’s one of the few writers that I really look forward to reading multiple times - and it’s even more satisfying after those first few reads, once you understand him you can discover many new layers to his ideas.

If you’re new to Graeber, I recommend one of his more accessible books: Debt; Bullsh!t Jobs; or The Utopia of Rules.

Graeber died suddenly and mysteriously in 2020 and I suspect it wasn’t an accident. The world is worse off without him and I feel it a duty to spread and continue his work. I believe implementing his ideas would create a far better world, even though I disagree with some of his more hard-left concepts.

Graeber will not fail to provoke intense thought. Don’t rush his books, they’re not intended to be light and breezy.

Highly recommend.