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Generation Me - Jean Twenge

I enjoyed this book.

A lot of people talk about generational personality differences, but this book quantified it really well.

I believe that the way our life turns out is more a result of our personal philosophy than any other factor. The problem is, the values and attitudes we are growing up with now are basically poison to fulfillment and achievement.

Much has been said about the entitlement and unrealistic expectations of recent generations, but this book does more than speculate about the consequences of participation trophies and a focus on self esteem instead of learning or skills.

This is an important subject. Our individual lives are built from our individual philosophies, but our society at large is formed by the combined attitudes of all of us. Right now, our society is in very big trouble, and these diseases of attitude are not only being taught, but being legislated as mandatory teaching.

If we are going to turn this all around, we have to understand the problem, and for that I recommend this book.