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George Orwell: A Life - Bernard Crick

This book was very boring. I am not sure how much is the fault of the writer, and how much of it is the material.

The book makes Orwell out to be somewhat of a victim in life. Somewhat pathetic. This portrait could very well be true, but it has certainly diminished my opinion of the author. 

Though I still think that Animal Farm is one of the greatest political books ever written, I have long felt the rest of his work overrated - particularly by people using "1984" to describe real-world events, without seeming to understand 1984. I cannot blame the work being turned into a catch phrase on Orwell himself, but after reading his biography I am actually surprised the man had any impact on the world.


His life was nearly eventless. The author seemed to have to go to lengths to keep the story readable, as there really is not much to the life of Orwell. 

I can't really recommend this.