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Good-Bye Germ Theory - William Trebing

I have been looking for a book to recommend on “terrain theory”, but unfortunately, this isn’t it.

I commend the author for including very controversial topics, such as the Illuminati and your ability to declare yourself a sovereign citizen, in an already controversial book, but overall I was dissatisfied with the effort.

I think these topics deserve their own books, or this book should have been much longer.

The middle of this book that went into detail on germ/terrain theory was quite good, but overall it was a small part of the text.

What I disliked most was the “wake up people!” tone, which I know is off putting for any random person reading this who doesn’t already sympathize with the theory. Those of us who are already on board don’t need to be talked down to.

Normally I don’t comment on spelling/punctuation mistakes, because all books have mistakes. But this book was full of very obvious mistakes and inconsistencies. My copy is the 6th edition, and the author has a medical degree, AND another group apparently published it. I see no excuse for the very many mistakes.

I respect the author and some of the information was new to me. But I can’t recommend it.