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Good Intentions - Bruce Nussbaum

This book was not good.

It was very bloated, overwritten, and repetitive. The book is trying to make the case that the US government hampered the evaluation of drugs for AIDS that may have been more effective than AZT.

While it may be true that other drugs are more effective, to me the book did not prove the case. Many books have been written about how toxic and deadly AZT is, but this book barely even addressed that.

The book takes for granted the virus theory of AIDS, so it misses many of the interesting details about the AIDS story. Rather than get to the root of the cause of the immune problems and clusters of immune diseases, the book simply blames the government for not taking sufficient action.

All the details are useless to me when an actual investigation is absent here. For what appears to be a large project creating a large book, I find it lazy and irrelevant, failing to ask many crucial questions and focusing only on the official explanation of AIDS.

In my opinion there is no reason for anyone to read this book.